Our Mission        

The Women’s Center works across issues and identities toward collective liberation. Gender and sexuality have historically been central to our work and now serve as one of many points of entry into intersectional struggles and coalition building.

We seek to foster a self-critical and self-reflective community, intentionally directing our time, resources, and programming toward dismantling systems of oppression through education and action. We aim to provide a physical and intellectual space where all are able to collaborate, learn, and unlearn without judgment. We strive to make our work accessible to everyone who wishes to engage with it, firmly believing that this work cannot and should not be done in isolation.

The Women’s Center may be spatially enclosed within and funded by Yale, but all work within the university is intertwined with New Haven. We strive to build a deep and long-standing relationship with the city: realizing our mission demands that our community and our efforts extend far beyond our campus.

Spring 2021         

The Board

Sasha Carney
––Board Coordinator

Melissa Wang
––Constituency Coordinator

Jamie Marrara
––Business Coordinator

Chiara Amisola
––Public Relations Coordinator

Dolma Ombadykow
––Graduate Mentor

Iman Iftikhar
––Political Action Coordinator

Eunice Park
––Special Events Coordinator


Yale Women’s Center
Email wcboard@mailman.yale.edu with any questions, comments, or ideas about the Women’s Center at Yale.